Amazing Gift Ideas for Bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids are your best friends, and they will gather at your wedding to show the love and support that they have for you. Having someone that you can trust to be there and help you with one of the most important days of your life is a blessing, so you should show your appreciation for them as well. Many brides decide to give their bridesmaids something so that they know that she cares about them. If you’re looking for something to give your bridesmaids, here are some of the best ideas:

1. DIY Gifts

People appreciate the effort, especially when it comes to gifts. DIY goods are the ultimate show of love, respect, and effort. You have to put quite a bit of time and care into making a gift from hand, and the recipients can see that you put your heart and soul into it. However, the best DIY gifts are the ones that you have fun making, as you don’t want to stress yourself out when you should be enjoying the process of showing appreciation to your best friends. Whether it’s a personally written card, homemade snacks, or preserved flowers, you can be sure that your bridesmaids will feel every ounce of love you pour into the gift.

2. Homemade cookies!

People love cookies, so why not make an awesome batch of cookies and give them to your bridesmaids? Who can resist a batch of freshly baked cookies?

3. Jewellery

Jewellery is one of the best ways to show someone that you care, as you have to choose an item that fits with the style and preferences of the recipient. You can choose a piece of jewellery that resonates with one’s personality and style, and you can be sure that they will love the accessories you give them.

4. Monogrammed items

Monogramming an item gives it a personality and shows the ownership of that person. For example, if you give your bridesmaids a bouquet of flowers with their initials on the package, they will know that the gift is specifically for them. Every little detail counts when you are trying to show someone your love, respect, and appreciation.

5. Homemade cosmetics

You can make soap, perfumes, and essential oils by yourself and give them to your bridesmaids. Sure, this will take quite a bit of elbow grease, but we guarantee that it’s worth it!

6. Spa packages

Most girls love to be pampered, and spa packages are the best ways for you to enjoy a day full of relaxation. It’s a great way to show that you care about your best friends, and it will give you and your bridesmaids a much-needed break after a long wedding week.

7. Matched gift sets

A nice gift set, as a present, needs a lot of thought and consideration. It’s difficult enough to give someone one gift, but it’s even more difficult to find a gift that all of your bridesmaids will truly love.

8. A gold-dipped rose

A gold-dipped rose is a blooming rose that has been preserved and then dipped in 24k gold. We call ours the Eternal Bloom because the gold will preserve the shape and beauty of the flower forever (if you don’t break it!). It’s a symbol of eternal love, friendship, and companionship, and it’s a gift that your bridesmaids can keep forever. It’s a valuable present that truly shows your love and appreciation for the friends who are willing to be there with you on one of the biggest days of your life, and it will symbolise the love and dedication that you have for your friends.

If you are looking to gift a gold-dipped rose, Eternal Bloom is your best bet. The quality of a gold-dipped rose can vary – not all gold-dipped roses are made equal! Check out our range today and see the Eternal Bloom difference.

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