How to Celebrate Your Anniversary the Right Way

When you are in a long-term relationship, there are milestones that you will want to celebrate as a couple. Anniversaries are a great way to reflect upon your relationship, remember when you first met, first decided to date, or got married. Commemorating these special dates will help you bond stronger as a couple.

When you’re dating, you might want to celebrate your monthly milestones, but when you’re married, anniversaries are usually counted by the year. No matter what time frame you choose to commemorate your love, an anniversary should be special. Here are some time frames and suitable ways to commemorate them:

The 3-month mark

This one will feel a bit pushy if you are just dating after meeting each other for the first time since the relationship is fairly new and you might still be unsure of where things are going. You don’t want anyone to get uncomfortable, so it might be best to skip out on this one. If you’ve known each other for a bit longer before you started dating, this might be more suitable for your situation. Let’s say you went to school together and were friends, but became lovers after school; this might be a situation where this could work.

Although, three months may be long enough for some people to figure out whether or not they want to truly commit to a person. If you feel that things are going well and the feeling is mutual, it might be alright. Again, this will depend on your relationship and your partner’s opinion as well. Just gauge your situation and tread lightly in the case your partner might feel youโ€™re rushing on things; find out where your relationship is going before planning a significant romantic gesture. If you do plan on doing something, itโ€™s probably best to keep it modest!

The one-year anniversary

Regardless of whether you’re dating or married, one year is a significant milestone. By the time a year has gone by, you would have gone through some ups, some downs, and many firsts that might have built your relationship up to a strong one. This is an accomplishment to celebrate so spend time together and reminisce your firsts and feel the joy that you felt during your favorite memories. Planning a good one-year anniversary will bring you closer together. Do something extra special or something that you did when you first met, go to your first date spot, and splurge on some good food for this special occasion. Revisiting old memories can also help remind you that there are tons of new ones to come. This may also be a good time to splurge on a nice gift!

The two-year mark

Whilst many donโ€™t think this is as significant as the first, this anniversary is in fact even more important than the first one. The second year of love means that both of you are committed to each other for the long run. You are both past the stage of firsts and have moved on to familiarity with comfort. This is the anniversary where you remind each other that you still think they are special or that you still appreciate all the things they do for you. For this milestone, you will want to have a more spectacular celebration, so make it special. Bring up thoughts of what’s to come with your future together. If this is your second year dating, a proposal may be lingering on your minds, and if you are already in your second year of marriage, perhaps you might be thinking about children or purchasing a home. You might have already brought up plans of what you both want to do, and celebrating your two years will remind you of that.

Five amazing years together

Reaching five years together is a huge milestone, and even though you are probably very comfortable with each other, it does not mean that you shouldn’t celebrate big. You’ve already had four celebrations (or should have!), but that does not mean that your fifth can’t be special as well. You have been through many challenges and have probably grown a lot together. This is not something to take lightly, so might as well go all out on your celebration together.

Show your loved one that you still remember the day you met, the day you started dating and remind them of how happy you are that they came into your life. Make sure they know how special they are to you by giving them an amazing five-year anniversary celebration. Get them a gift that will last forever. Our Eternal Blooms are a great example of a unique way to symbolise your everlasting love for each other. Whatever gift you choose, just make sure it is something that your loved one will appreciate and can cherish for many years to come.

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