How to Work Things Out in a Complicated Relationship

Sometimes relationships can get a little complicated, but if the romance was easy, it wouldn’t be love. Relationships aren’t perfect and being a good significant other takes work; sometimes hard work. If you want a more enriching relationship, it will take effort at both ends. The world is full of complicated romances and sticky situations when it comes to relationships. Here are some ways to work things out when things get hard:

Check your expectations

Unmet expectations are the ultimate destroyer of relationships. If you are trying to get every person you date to fit the perfect vision in your head, you might end up disappointed, especially if your expectations are set way too high, to a point where it is unreachable. Even the most perfect person might not be able to follow through if your standards are too high. If you are in love with a person, try not to idealise them, as that can make it hard for both of you. Try to manage your expectations and set standards that are reachable.

Take off the rose-tinted glasses

You need to be able to look at your partner as the person they truly are and love them still, even with the “faults” in mind. If you keep making them out to be this perfect person, you will feel hurt once that illusion is broken. You need to understand that there is no perfect individual.

Learn to communicate effectively

Communication is the key to successful relationships. If your partner does something that bothers you, you should be able to speak to them about it openly without worry. Let them know and be able to compromise. If communication is leading to arguments, things will need to be approached differently, and both minds need to be kept open. You need to be willing to work together. If you don’t speak to each other about issues in the relationship, nothing can change, and you will never be able to communicate your needs or problems, which is important when the person is supposed to be someone you love and trust.

Acknowledge your own faults

If you are going to be nitpicky about your partner, at least make sure that you are being realistic about what you are bringing to the table too. If you are willing to put in the effort and compromise for their needs, then it is only fair that you expect the same. But you cannot act like your shortcomings don’t exist. Your partner is not supposed to accept a bad attitude or ungratefulness, and they do not live to please you. It’s the hard truth, and you need to check yourself as well. It might be a little harder to critique yourself, but you will need to do it in order to find balance and make sure that there is fairness in the relationship.

Try going with the flow

When we are in a relationship, our mindsets can sometimes change, our chemistry is a little different, our hormones are at all-time high levels, and our neurotransmitters are firing all sorts of directions. It’s easy to get caught up in the small things rather than just taking it easy, relaxing, and enjoying the love that is being given to you. It can be very easy to overthink things at the beginning of a relationship, especially with all the heavy strong emotions. Try your best to keep things comfortable by letting things go and taking things as they come. Don’t try too hard to control your situation. Be happy and if there are any issues, take it day by day and speak to them about working together to settle your problems.

Sometimes, a thoughtful gift can go a long way in getting things back on to the right path. However, the key is in addressing the underlying issues in the relationship first, and then giving the right gift at the right time. When you feel that the timing may be right for you to give your loved one a unique and romantic gift, we are always ready to help at Eternal Bloom.

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