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We turn real roses into long-lasting works of art.

Real Roses, Hand Crafted

Experience a sense of opulent love with Eternal Bloom.

Carefully selected at the height of their beauty, our Eternal Blooms are picked fresh and meticulously preserved by our rose artisans. From picking to finished product, the preservation and dipping process takes 3-6 months and more than 50 steps.

Each Eternal Bloom is designed to last a lifetime with the proper care, and are available as 24K gold dipped roses, 24K gold trimmed roses or pure platinum dipped roses.

Our Enchanted Blooms also start with beautiful, freshly picked real roses. However, instead of dipping them in precious metal, we preserve them in a special solution designed to make them last at least one year, and often up to three years.

All our products are crafted entirely by hand from individual roses, making each rose a unique work of art.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and workmanship. Perfection is our business, and we stand behind every rose we create, down to the last petal. Every rose is guaranteed to be 100% real, with zero plastic or fake parts.

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