About Us

We are a brand dedicated to the highest quality and the finest detail.

Our journey began in 2016

Eternal Bloom is the product of our determination to reinvent a time-honoured classic gift – the rose.

Tired of expensive roses that only last a matter of weeks but not satisfied with fake roses, we set out to create a real rose that will last forever.

We soon learned that not all techniques available for gold-dipping a rose are created equal.

Meticulous attention to detail

From selecting the best natural roses to designing and crafting beautiful gift boxes, we have obsessed over every inch of detail to ensure that we will bring you a product of the highest quality.

Underneath every 24K gold dipped rose, 24K gold trimmed rose and pure platinum dipped rose is a real, fresh rose as found in nature which has been preserved at the height of its beauty. That’s why no two roses will ever be the same – each one is truly unique.

We pride our roses on their true natural beauty. Unlike some of our competitors, Eternal Blooms are wholly dipped fresh roses, as opposed to artificially arranged loose petals (or sometimes even plastic ones!). We are also the only company that can guarantee the visibility of veins on the petals of a gold or platinum dipped rose. 

We're constantly innovating

On the back of our success with our Eternal Blooms, in 2019 we launched our Enchanted Blooms range. Adhering to our core philosophy, our Enchanted Blooms also start with beautiful, freshly picked real roses. However, instead of dipping them in precious metal, we preserve them in a special solution.

Compared to our Eternal Blooms, our Enchanted Blooms last for up to 3 years but retain the look and feel of the real rose underneath.

We are a proudly 100% Australian-owned business and all of our roses are shipped from Brisbane.