Our Guarantee

We guarantee the workmanship on all our roses with every Eternal Bloom and Enchanted Bloom receiving a thorough quality check before being sent out.

Every Eternal Bloom and Enchanted Bloom that you purchase from us is guaranteed to be 100% hand-crafted from a single real natural rose.

While our Eternal Blooms may vary in size, shape and finish depending on each individual rose, our rose artisans devote the utmost attention to detail to preserve each rose’s natural beauty through the same 50-step, 3-6 month process.

There’s gold dipping, and then there is Eternal Bloom’s gold dipping. Our roses are specially grown for the gold dipping (or platinum dipping) process. They are picked fresh, not assembled from individual petals, and are dipped whole. Special attention is afforded to the petals on each rose in the dipping process so that they do not meld together. The result is a stunning gold-dipped or platinum-dipped rose that still allows you to see much of the details of the original rose underneath. We are the only company that can guarantee the visibility of the veins on the rose petals of a gold or platinum dipped rose.

With the correct and proper care, an Eternal Bloom, just as the name suggests, will last forever. Simply dab the rose lightly with warm water to remove any dirt or dust.